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We make all of our spurs in our shop located at our home in Ronan, Montana. It takes several days to complete the over 40 steps necessary to complete a pair of custom spurs. We take great pride in our work and believe that it shows in our products.

If you are just looking to duplicate a single spur, or want a custom pair, or if you are needing a string of trophy spurs for an upcoming event, we can take care of you.

Please download our spur order form to see our heel band, shank and rowel options. We have options for heel keepers, finish color and rowel attachment. If you don’t see what you are looking for, give us a call and we can talk about it.

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Spur Finish Options

Browned Spurs

Our browning process produces a durable, beautiful and rich dark brown color. If you plan to use your spurs on a regular basis, we recommend this finish. We coat browned spurs with clear lacquer as a final step.

Plain Finish

We sell many spurs to silversmiths who add the silver to them for resale. These spurs have no protective finish and must be treated accordingly.

Spurs for White’s Packers & other Lace-Up Boots

Please note that we also offer spurs specifically designed for lace-up boots like White’s Packers. The inner heel lip is very effective in holding the spur down on the boot without any visible features on the outside of the spur.

Spur Sizing

We have standard sizes that work for most people. However, it is no problem if you need a more custom fit. If that is the case, just wrap a piece of wire around your heel from seam to seam where you want the spurs to ride, tape the wire to a piece of cardboard and send it to us. We can form your heel bands to the pattern for an optimal fit.

Spur Kits

If you are looking for a fun, practical project, you might consider making a pair of spurs! Our kits contain all the parts you need, including the formed heel bands, shanks and rowels of your choice, hangers, buttons and rowel rivets. All that’s left is the assembly and finish work. Assembly amounts to welding the shank in place. Finishing is simply grinding the welds and polishing the parts to your satisfaction. We have even had customers purchase and complete a spur kit, then send the spur to us to add some silver work and blue or brown them. Download our Spur Kits & Parts Order Form for more information.

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American Spurs and Buckles are Made in Montana